Niamh O’ Brien – Murroe, Co. Limerick

Since installing the water softener & filter system in our home I immediately noticed a substantial difference in the quality of our drinking water in both colour and taste. Our tap water was crystal clear. Usually our kettle would have lime scale residue within 24 hours of cleaning but now cleaning our kettle is a thing of the past. Both my husband and I and our children suffer from psoriasis and sensitive skin. My skin would feel very tight and extremely uncomfortable after showering and especially washing my hands, which as you know is a task we carry out multiple times a day, causing the skin to crack and bleed but since the system has been in place my skin and my family’s skin has cleared up. I didn’t believe that I would actually use less fabric softener, soap, shampoo, body wash or that my dishwasher would no longer need salt but after just two weeks there is a significant difference in how much I use and I can see the future save to my pocket. I found Des to be very accommodating as to the time that suited me and his work is impeccable. He was very tidy and clean. Once Des was finished I hardly knew there had been work carried out in my kitchen.
Having the water softener installed was by far the best investment I have ever made. Having moved into our house just over eight years ago, in that time we have gone through 4 No. Dishwashers, 4 No. Washing Machines, 4 No. Electric Showers, 3 No. Immersion Heaters & a countless number of kettles, all due to the effects of lime scale. Had we installed the water softener when moving in to our home we could have saved our selves the cost of replacing these appliances not to mention the higher energy costs in running them with the building lime scale. Since Des installed the water softener in May last year I have noticed a big difference in my appliances. We have stopped using anti-scale products, shower heads are no longer getting blocked, my plumber doesn’t call as often and general household cleaning is a lot easier, with no soap scum or lime spots on sanitary ware. My wife and teenage daughter constantly comment on how soft their skin and hair is since. I would highly recommend Des Ryan Water solutions. I found Des a pleasure to deal with and extremely accommodating. Des has certainly “Softened My Spend”.

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