We are water filter specialists

Our vision is simple: pure, clean and healthy water for you, your family and your home.


We are water softener experts

Our vision is simple: pure, clean and healthy water for you, your family and your home


We are Uisce 4U

Our vision is simple: pure, clean and healthy water for you, your family and your home.


Pure Clean Water

At Uisce 4 U, we supply drinking water filters and drinking water purifier systems that solve common water contamination problems found in rural Ireland. Many people find the taste of tap water unpleasant due mainly to the presence of chlorine and flouride. The chlorine may also cause further taste issues as it combines with organic and inorganic compounds generally found in the water supply.

Do you have an issue with the taste or quality of your tap water? A drinking water filter will be the answer.
Many people now install a drinking water filter for personal use and find it saves money instead of buying bottled water. Different households can have different water problems and there are various types of filtration systems available from Uisce 4 U. There are also different types of drinking water filters for removing or reducing various impurities in the water. A popular filtration system requested in Ireland is the lead removal filter due to the concerns of lead leaching from lead pipes in many older homes.

Better Tasting Tap Water! Pure Clean Water for you!
A drinking water filter can be installed and plumbed to a kitchen cold tap (or it’s own tap) and it will transform the water you drink. Uisce 4 U drinking water filter systems are not very expensive to install and are inexpensive to maintain. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of drinking pure healthy filtered water from their own tap and also find that their day to day water consumption increases as well, which has health benefits all round.

A home water filtration or purification system will also enhance cooking, beverage making and home brewing. And as Des is often quoted as saying..Get a Filter – don’t be a Filter.

Call Des at Uisce 4 U now at 061-351643 for more details and pricing.

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