How Much is Hard Water Costing?

A 2mm build up of lime scale causes a 20% inefficiency in your heating system so, an average heating bill of €1500 per year could save up to €300 by installing a water softener.

  • The copper cylinder scales up making it work harder and it becomes less efficient.
  • Shower head scales up, sending water in all directions and then reduces flow to a trickle.
  • Shower door & drainer becomes covered in lime mineral deposits.
  • Lime scale deposits forms on taps & sanitary ware.
  • Scum is left on surfaces after water is drained away. This quickly forms a scum around the edge of the bath and sink.
  • You use twice as much soap, shampoo and washing powders, etc.
  • Descalers are needed to reduce lime scale on appliances
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