Inadequate Treatment of Cryptosporidium In Co Galway Drinking Water

Because of poor or inadequate water treatment in some areas of County Galway, cryptosporidium infected drinking water is putting almost 30,000 people in danger on a daily basis. In addition, elevated levels of THM’s (trihalomethanes) are also found in Galway water supplies. Trihalomethanes are chemicals formed by the reaction of dissolved organic material and chlorine, which is used by water treatment plants to disinfect drinking water to protect against pathogenic bacteria.

Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite, long associated with drinking water supplies in parts of Co Galway. The parasite lives in the bowels of humans and animals. Ingestion of the cryptosporidium parasite results in cryptosporidiosis which can cause severe intestinal problems if not treated and can be very serious for children and the elderly…Read More